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Hear what our customers have to say:

Had a wonderful energy healing with Nefertiti. Her love energy is Divine Intervention.    She is the real deal!

    Re: Healing
    Melissa Antonowic Melbourne, Australia


I first met Nefertiti socially and was immediately taken by her warm energy and easy manner.  Her natural ability to read others' energy, including mine, quickly became apparent, so I consulted Nefertiti for a private reading.  Not only was her accuracy impressive, but her keen insights also gave me the validation and courage I needed to take the steps necessary to realizing my goals.  I highly recommend Nefertiti's services to anyone seeking guidance or clarity.


Charlotte Philley, Professional Opera Singer 
Metropolitan Opera Company (NY Met)

Location: Manhattan; New York

Nefertiti's class gave me tools
to use for when I'm stuck in my decision making. She helped me develop a
method to use in order to overcome mental blocks and achieve a solution
to my problems. ThanksNefertiti! 

Anabel G.
Course NLP/Hypnosis
Business Owner

Location: Nevada

“I know Nefertiti's work because of having worked with her at the same
company and different projects that she is excellent at Consulting and
Business Development. The leadership of every business is in need of a
person with resolve and vision to take them to the next level, D. Nefertiti
is that person.”

Rudy Zarsosa Manager, RZMARKETING;Business Owner

“I have known Nefertiti since our University years, we both pursued a
degree in Business/Public Administration. She has always been very
responsible, innovative, unique and extremely intelligent.

 Nefertiti is great with creating new ideas, strategies and plans for
developing products,while working with an engaging and pleasant
attitude. I also find that she is fabulous with relationship building,
engaging and really getting to know people to create a product that is
revolutionary based on her clients needs and expectations. She is
thorough and works well to bringing each promise or idea to fruition. I
would highly recommend  Nefertiti for your Marketing, Business
Development & Human Development Training.”

Top qualities: Great Results, Expert, Creative

G. Ward MPA: University of Redlands Professor

Nefertiti has business intelligence. She is an excellent business
development and marketing professional with years of successful
experience! She has the business acumen it takes to get you new lasting
business, which is the life blood of any company!”

Ryan Fong CEO/Principal,

Ryan Wilson Group


 The Longer I get to know her the more I realize how

Incredibly smart she   it.

    OC, California

    Re:Neuro Linguistic Programming/Hypnotherapy courses

 Nefertiti Blessed my daughters house, it sold 10 days later. After sitting on the market for 5-6 months.

    Olga D.
    HBeach, Ca.
    Service: House Clearing/Blessing

Nefertiti is amazing! She helped me channel for the insights I
 received! It was a wonderful experience to hear it from myself with her

    Past life Regression
    Kim B;
    Orange, California

    Thank you Nefertiti for your help and your guidance.

    Intuitive readings
    Angelica Gonzalez
    Miami, Oklahoma

    The Energy she sent me made me feel at peace
    and relaxed. Before she sent me the energy I felt sick, anxious and
    depressed. She really helped me alot.

    Jordyn Nichole
    Service: Healing
    Michigan, USA

    Nefertiti did an amazing reading for me. She picked up on a lot of things,
    without me telling her. She helped me decide what I wanted to do my
    life, career wise. And her angels came through with a message about my
    son, regarding art. I always knew he was artistic, but never said a word
    to her about it. She is amazing at what she does.

    Bethany Lemiuex
    Service: Intuitive Business Consulting.
    Woodstock, Ontario

    I was a little resistant to the information she gave me about a HR job
    in either Healthcare or Education areas. Several days after the reading
    I received a call from both sectors and have since gone down the offer
    process in the education arena. Thank you again.

    Karen Levy
    Orange County Ca.
    Service: Angel Channeling

Past Clients & Employers:

The Employers Edge, Frito Lay; Pepsi-Cola Bottling Company; Innoventry-division of Wells Fargo; Institute for Professional Development-University of Phoenix, Hope International University, Susan G. Komen Foundation,  Teen Challenge International, Wal-Mart, Fontana Community Center, The Social Security Office,  San Bernardino State Wards division, Enviromental Association, Commercial Real Estate for Women and Many more.

Hope  -Planning  - Direction