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I have no one to impress, I'm just providing a service that I love to do; to people who have been through hard times or who are looking for personal internal growth.   Donna

 [Queen Nefertiti R]

For guaranteed service, please call for your appointment.

949.945.8706 for info.

​My office is located in Fountain Valley, Ca.

I do consulting at different  locations, so make sure to call,  to make a personal appointment at my OC office:


​I do not HOLD appointment times, so book when you are ready.

As I have businesses & private clients;  so my schedule sometimes books fast.  Thanks for understanding.

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8 Reasons Why  YOU should Visit D. Nefertiti

  • Oldest Soul on the Planet  

  • Divine Wisdom of the Past, Present & Future

  • Considered a Master, Ancient soul of the past

  • High Vibration for Internal Healing 

  • A Trusted Angel 

  • A few visits will go a long way

  •  Personal Transformation

  •  Connect with Divine Source Energy

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Huntington Beach, Ca.



Mon-Friday. Business hours by appointment only.
Corporate Consulting.


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  • Customer Service

  • WE listen to you.

  • We give you the Guidance you need.

  • We give you the support you need.

  • ​WE ask Questions and want your feedback.


  • ​Support, Love, Connect with the Divine.