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I'm excited to share my personal life experience and personal journey of this life, my past lives & my spiritual experiences.  I am one of the ancient souls, on the planet here to help humanity. Each life is different, each has its  purpose & lessons, needed for growth etc.
I am a Hypnotherapist who focuses on Hypnotherapy/Past Life Regression, Awakening the soul, an Energy Healer, Business-Life advisor and an Angel Medium. This is how I shift you from the inside out;  in just a few sessions. And as 1 of the 2 oldest Angels on earth.I am told my
 vibration helps others. Since we have a mind, body, soul connection I help you from the inside out. 
I dove into Human Development just wanting to learn and grow for myself some 12 years ago after a divorce.
So I started taking all these courses; In psychology, self help, hypnosis, regression, channeling, Neuro Linguistics Programming, spiritual development, human development, manifestation, psychic ability, etc. Then I realized that there were so many people that  needed help getting over people, situations in their life, accidents, traumas, belief systems or their past; who were looking for that inner peace that we somehow lost on earth. I knew I could help the world in this way.

And I actually started this  years ago because didn't like how people were being lied to by some and several other old souls were put in my path, just like you may have been put in mine;  my fellow old souls told me I was doing a disservice to the community by not participating in some form. This was 12-13 yrs ago, of course at the time I didnt know what they meant.  For some it made them really angry and for others I know they were just delivering a divine message to get me to use my gifts and move forward on my path; anyhow thats how I got here!!

Over the course of 10 years I became extremely intuitive, my spiritual gifts grew beyond what I knew was possible and I feel the Universe has let me know this was my true calling and is the very reason I am on EARTH, once again.  My awakening is profound on various levels which I go into  further detail in my book.
I feel I made several mistakes  (discovered in Hypnotherapy, regression & communication w/my angels) had I received any of the guidance I am offering you today; I would of been much happier,  in general. As well as; I would of been free of the unneeded suffering that I allowed myself  to go through.
Since becoming more in tune with the creator, my spiritual gifts  and the ø†her spiritual realms;  I thought it is worth the effort to do this even if I could just help out a handful people in the world from suffering and "the illusion" society attempts to put us in. 
I have been encouraged to serve in a different way, by helping  others with the natural gifts I have been given. I feel my purpose is to be a high vibrational light of peace, help awaken  others , guide those sent to me, help Angelics remember their divine paths,  help people heal their inner conflicts from past lives or childhood.

There is so much we do not know about our inner mind, our bodies, and ENERGY and how we are effected by our thoughts,  food, the chemicals in the brain, body, our energy body and spirituality.  That I could only  hope to share what I have learned with you in the last 10 years, so I can assist you of anything holding you back, any fear triggers, any limitations that maybe unknowingly keeping you from your dreams in life, abundance, inner peace, happiness your true path and love.  Because at the end of the day, that is all we really want, isnt it?

I have advanced more than I would of thought was possible yet still growing. I even know and remember some of my past lives,  my spiritual gifts are advanced and my knowledge is of lifetimes;  had anyone told me I could do this 12 years ago, I would of said; No way!.

So you never know where your journey is going to take you. So I encourage you to take the first step and invest in yourself because you are worth it. Most of us will spend countless dollars on things that will never fix the soul, energy body or mind; yet what I offer you, will remain with you for this life and beyond to Eternity. 

Most of us will not ask for help but suffer alone. We are in an age where ALL the solutions are available and all of our questions can be answered with a little patience. Our Creator and the universe wants to help us. One does not have to suffer any longer. One can be at peace with their past, their present or the thoughts that haunt them the most. Heal your mind, heal your energy body and COMPLETE yourself! The only question is: "Are you ready?"

Im here to help humanity at this time, my high vibration and techniques will help you from the inside out, awaken your soul, release blocks in your energy body and bring you inner peace, love . My psychic ability will help you see your path to  abundance, over time. You do not have to take my word for it, allow your 1 to 1 sessions with me  and your personal guides tell you. Like they say-"The proof is in the pudding."

We all have the ability to to help others, if we so choose.  And when this life shall past, I will very much look forward to reconnecting with you on the other side knowing that I helped you when you needed it the most.

Wishing you love, peace and prosperity!







Ancient Angelic- 


Nefertiti P.

​EDUCATION:  Business Public Administration B.A.-5 years Liberal Arts -College 2 years Former R.U.S.D School Teacher & University Mktg Director Business Development Certificate Management, Human Development Soul Renovation Training & Trainer ​10 Courses in NLP/Hypnotherapy Clinical Hypnotherapy Training, Maryland Neuro Linguistics Programming Practitioner Hypnosis Practitioner Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) Spiral Dynamics Life Coach, Success Strategist; ​Human Development Training Business Coach Practitioner Training in: Tarot, Angel Readings, Channeling, Spiritual Guidance, Meditation, Intuitive counsel. Director of Marketing Business Coach & Advisor Director of Business Development Blessed, Queen to all Angels Previous Susan G. Komen Public Relations Chair Previous Environmental Board Member Previous Commercial Real Estate Board Member Current ROA Board Member Former Greek Honor Society President (Order of Omega) Previous ZTA Alumnae President Previous ZTA Collegiate  Chapter Vice President II 

Previous ZTA  Alumnae-Colligiate Chair






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